WELCOME BACK! Warrior Softball Alumni Night tonight at 6:30 at Westside High, celebrating 25 years!
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Swanson Elementary School

Swanson Second Annual Jammie Jog

Swanson’s 2017 Jammie Jog is planned for Friday, March 31, starting at 6 p.m. at Swanson Park. We’ll put on our PJs and go on a 2-mile walk/run/jog (3 laps) around the park. Then, we’ll head to the Swanson gym for a pancake dinner served by the Pancake Man! The class with the highest participation will win a doughnut party!

Please return your Jammie Jog registration form as well as a check for pancakes and/or a T-shirt to school at your earliest convenience. They are due no later than next Monday, March 27.  Contact Ashley Wegner at ashley.wegner@hotmail.com with any questions.

ELEMENTARY | Start 8:40 - Dismiss 3:30 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 3:00 )