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Marlo Tomich Honored With Presidential Award

Posted June 26, 2018

6th grade teacher, Marlo Tomich, has been honored with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Tomich was notified by the White House Monday she had received the award for her work in 2016. She is invited to the White House to receive her award and $10,000.

“The Presidential Award celebrates innovation, commitment, quality and passion in teaching,” said Tomich, a 17-year teaching veteran at Swanson. “The thought of being recognized for doing what you do every day to spark learning in children is an honor.”

Tomich is recognized for the state of Nebraska in the Science award category. She is known throughout Westside Community Schools for engaging students in experiences that lead to deeper understanding of content. She is also a member of Westside’s Science Toolbox Committee, providing teacher training and development/oversight of the district’s 6th grade science curriculum. In 2014, Tomich was awarded a Westside Bravo Award, which recognizes teachers who skillfully tap in the unique talents of students, inspiring them to fully engage in school and community.

“Teaching is a multifaceted and challenging career, including planning, differentiating, and assessing the ongoing learning of students,” said Tomich. “This award reflects the support of family, colleagues, and an innovative school district which values professional development and collaboration for ongoing growth.”

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