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District To Host Second Boundary Engagement Process Public Forum

Updated November 2, 2018

Over the past 18 months, Westside Community Schools has been evaluating how to balance District enrollment, giving consideration to educational, financial, and community concerns, with the specific focus on optimizing newly available space at Sunset Hills.
At the request of the Board of Education, a Boundary Committee comprised of representatives from the Loveland, Sunset Hills and Swanson communities has met throughout the fall to examine options and develop a recommendation to the Superintendent. With the assistance of an independent facilitator, this committee has used district demographic data and projections to generate several potential boundary configurations for Loveland, Sunset Hills and Swanson Elementary School attendance areas.
Through open discussion and idea-sharing, the Committee has narrowed its focus to four potential boundary proposals. All scenarios will be presented at a public forum on Thursday, November 8 at 6:00pm at Swanson Elementary/Swing School, 3534 S. 108th St. These proposals, as well as an updated presentation from the 10/25 Boundary Committee meeting, are available on our website BY CLICKING HERE.
Please note: due to file size, these files may not open properly on a phone or tablet. Please use a laptop or desktop computer for full access.
We encourage you to join us to learn about the factors surrounding these proposals and to share your feedback as the committee moves closer to a final recommendation.
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